Aqualyx Fat Dissolving

If you are struggling with stubborn pockets of fat then fat dissolving injections may be the right option for you!

Aqualyx is made of deoxycholic acid which is already a naturally occurring molecule in the body to aid in the breakdown of fat and released through the lymphatic system making this treatment minimally invasive and quicker to recover from in comparison to liposuction.

This is a popular and effective treatment for both men and women to help contour various areas including the arms (bingo wings), double chin, back (back fat and love handles), waist, stomach and thighs. In order to see the desired result, you may need multiple sessions with most clients seeing results after the second or third treatment in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise.

Book in for a consultation today to ensure you are eligible to have the treatment. The consultation cost is redeemable against the remaining balance of the treatment.